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Omaha, NE
Camarillo, CA
1502 Jones St., Omaha NE 68102 - Map


Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Size: 1,089 sq.ft.
Balcony: Yes
Parking: 1 Space
Pets: Yes
Rentable: Yes
Web address for this listing:

The Kimball lofts offer the finest Urban amenities in Downtown Omaha. From original floating plane architecture to private covered balconies, The Kimball lofts are raising the standards.


Asking price: $174,900
Maintenance: $136
Yearly taxes: $3,300

Monthly Payments (Aprox)

Financing: Total
80%: $1,034
85%: $1,089
90%: $1,144

* 30yr fixed at 6.4% w/ maint. & tax included. change terms